2081 Niles Cortland Rd SE
Warren, OH 44484

(234) 718-4460

Hours of Operation

Monday10 am – 8 pm
Tuesday10 am – 6 pm
Wednesday10 am – 8 pm
Thursday10 am – 6 pm
Friday10 am – 8 pm
Saturday10 am – 8 pm



  • Lizbeth Tejada Avatar

    Love it here. They fixed my iPhone 6s and my iPhone 8 Plus! Very friendly staff. You can tell they care about their customers. Definitely recommend! 10/10!!!

    Lizbeth Tejada 9/14/2018
    Samuel Michael Avatar

    Very helpful fast and friendly service!!!

    Samuel Michael 7/23/2018
    Donny John Avatar

    I called and had a cracked screen... I went in and they had my phone fixed in 40 mins only needed a screen but now my battery last long highly recommended them

    Donny John 1/28/2017
  • Ashleigh Christine Kennedy Avatar

    I’m not one who normally writes reviews, but the service I received at Broke Ass Phone in Boardman was incredible. I left my phone on top of my car and it got ran over quite a few times- the gentleman and lady that helped me were exceptional- they were candid... read more

    Ashleigh Christine Kennedy 6/27/2018
    Victoria Lee Avatar

    Super nice dudes that need a raise! Thanks for fixing my brats screen ! I'm old .... /:

    Victoria Lee 6/24/2016
    Jodi Hoppel Avatar

    The are always so helpful and fast service. I would highly recommend and will continue being a customer!

    Jodi Hoppel 9/18/2018
  • Mallory Bower Avatar

    Life savers! Quick and professional work.

    Ask for Randy

    Mallory Bower 7/11/2016
    Ted Sacco Avatar

    Awesome place! The workers help you out and it’s really good prices for replacements

    Ted Sacco 10/20/2018
    William Eldridge Avatar

    Great people

    William Eldridge 8/04/2018
  • Randy Horton Avatar

    This is a great company very professional and they do fix it right right now!

    Randy Horton 8/26/2015
    Bill Barnett Avatar

    Stopped in there today so they can look at my IPhone 6 Plus. The owner was working today and he could have charged me $150.00 to fix my phone but instead he gave me other options. He did fix my wife’s phone for a good price. The owner is a... read more

    Bill Barnett 8/30/2018
    Denny Hager Avatar

    Amazing, simply amazing. I had an issue with the charging port on my iPhone, and I was sure it needed replaced. The representative was very courteous and said it’s most likely just dirty. She cleaned it out, and cleaned out my headphone jack, replaced my screen protector, and didn’t charge... read more

    Denny Hager 7/15/2018
  • Darleen Mehle Avatar

    Great experience! My battery quit working they tested my phone and replaced my battery for a great price and working fine now. Thank You

    Darleen Mehle 9/01/2018
    Miranda Wimer Avatar

    Quick,cheap, and professional. I highly recommend them.

    Miranda Wimer 8/14/2018
    Allen Hunter Avatar

    The battery wasn't doing well and Best Buy doesn't do service work locally. Went to BA Phone. They did a great job on my S6!

    Allen Hunter 10/22/2018
  • Kyle English Avatar

    I had a great experience here. I highly recommend!!!

    Kyle English 12/15/2018
    Debbie Lynn Avatar

    I cracked my screen on my iPhone 8 Plus. I took it in yesterday and somehow the owner messed up my phone. Well he put an after market screen on it and got it working so I’d have a phone. I met him today at AT&T and he bought me... read more

    Debbie Lynn 9/12/2018
    Lauren Baco Avatar

    Awesome service! They got my everything off my messed up old phone with a cracked screen (that I tried to do for two days) to my new phone. I was so happy to have all of my daughters babies pictures saved!

    Lauren Baco 6/07/2018
  • Ron Williams Avatar

    Great service. 3 hour turn around on my 6S Plus iPhone to replace the screen. A little more $$ than i had hoped.... but better than $600 for an new phone!! ��. Thanks!!!

    Ron Williams 8/18/2018
    Mark Rivera Avatar

    Very friendly and went out of their way to help me when I was in a pinch! Definitely recommend them!

    Mark Rivera 8/04/2016
    Jordynne Snyder Avatar

    My screen was cracked I dropped my phone off and went to the grocery store. They had my phone done in less than an hour! Very convenient, friendly staff and very professional. Feels like I have a brand new phone! Thank you!

    Jordynne Snyder 9/17/2018
  • Brandon Grope Avatar

    They were very helpful! My charger tip broke off in my phone port. They took it in the back immediately, and within a minute I had a fixed phone in my hand! Best of all, they didn’t even charge me!! Highly recommend Broke Ass Phone Youngstown... read more

    Brandon Grope 2/01/2018
    Cheryl Martinelli Avatar

    My daughter Took her phone in to have a cracked screen repaired. During the process of repair the phone was inadvertently broken. The owner immediately called me and said that he would meet me at the Verizon store where we get our phones from and replace the phone. When I... read more

    Cheryl Martinelli 7/09/2016
    Kristen Balog Stuhlmann Avatar

    Great customer service. Quick turnaround on the repair. Would recommend.

    Kristen Balog Stuhlmann 9/02/2017
  • Barbara Biery Avatar

    Nick was really great helping to get my phone working again. He really knew what he was doing and answered a lot of questions while the phone updated and recovered, a few minutes past closing!!!��

    Barbara Biery 11/27/2016
    Hailey Marie Avatar

    The service was absolutely GREAT. I was having a pretty bad day and their service turned my entire day around!!!!

    Hailey Marie 4/17/2018
    Alivia Dillon Avatar

    Thanks for fixing my headphone jack!!

    Alivia Dillon 8/17/2018
  • Joseph Strock Avatar

    I have tried the other places that were in the southern Park Mall. Those places took my money and put fake screens on my phone that didn't hold up. This place does it right, if you need a new screen or anything for your phone I swear you will... read more

    Joseph Strock 6/26/2018
    Brenda Best-Deak Avatar

    Great quick and friendly service today for my son's phone. Thanks again.

    Brenda Best-Deak 9/25/2018
    Jackie Pavlich Avatar

    Quick, easy, and affordable! They go through everything with you when you pick the phone up and make sure all aspects work. Only place I'll bring my phone to get fixed.

    Jackie Pavlich 2/07/2018
  • Joseph Spotleson Avatar

    They did an amazing job fixing my �. Here's the story I accidentally wedged a Sim card into my mom's phone that was an iPhone 6 Plus. From my iPhone 6s. Which is not a very good idea and the Sim card would not come out of her phone. We... read more

    Joseph Spotleson 12/06/2016
    Kelly Stevens Avatar

    They are fast! The service is awesome!

    Kelly Stevens 3/13/2019
    Dan Martin Avatar

    Very helpful and saved me from spending a lot of money to fix the charging port on my iPhone 6. Also changed the tempered glass screen protector. Super quick, easy and helpful. Highly recommend.

    Dan Martin 9/22/2018
  • Mitchell Maroscher Avatar

    Awesome service! Loved it! Fixed my phone so quick!

    Mitchell Maroscher 7/07/2018
    Christine Dorsett Avatar

    They fixed my microphone that hasn't been working for months - all it needed was to be cleaned out. Awesome customer service.

    Christine Dorsett 9/29/2018
    Bryan Pegues Avatar

    Mannnn!!! Just wonderful experiences every time. Knowledgeable and friendly staff!

    Bryan Pegues 6/14/2018
  • Becky Tolson Avatar

    I took a phone to the boardman location that had water damage. Unfortunately they weren't able to fix everything due to the water damage but everyone there was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for any potential repair needs.

    Becky Tolson 7/27/2017
    Gloria Chepak Avatar

    Excellent customer service !! professional work !! I highly recommend this Boardman store !!

    Gloria Chepak 7/11/2017
    Holly King-Swartz Avatar

    Needed phone batteries changed and Erica made our experience! She was pleasant and knowledgeable. I’ve been here for previous phone repairs and trust this service.

    Holly King-Swartz 7/13/2018
  • Eric Carano Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic service. Was in and in 15 minutes. Would recommend this place to any and everyone. Thank you so much.

    Eric Carano 7/06/2018
    Connie Sue Daugherty Pisor Avatar

    I shattered my Iphone6 screen and Broke Ass Phone in Boardman had it fixed in less than an hour for $160. I am so happy with the service I received!

    Connie Sue Daugherty Pisor 5/28/2016
    Paige Wasko Avatar

    Today I went to broke ass phones to get my screen fixed after a bad experience at cpr! At cell phone repair they told me that they had to run an overnight test that would cost 25 dollars. Afterwards I went to broke ass phones where they fixed my phone... read more

    Paige Wasko 7/06/2018
  • Alyssa Kapraly Avatar

    The service here was fast and awesome. seriously, go to them for all your phone problems! they are the nicest and fastest. i'll definitely go back. THANKS

    Alyssa Kapraly 9/12/2017
    Kimmy Wampler Avatar

    These guys are amazing!

    Kimmy Wampler 5/22/2017
    Haley Nichole Avatar

    I was having trouble with my charger port and they fixed with no problem and made sure everything was working good!! Very satisfied� very nice people too�

    Haley Nichole 7/16/2018
  • Krista Stephens Avatar

    They fixed my speaker on my phone! Did an amazing job!

    Krista Stephens 2/21/2019
    Kathy Arango Avatar

    Unfortunately it was a software issue with Apple that they couldn't fix, but they did look at it and let me know and didn't even charge me. The guys were very nice and professional.

    Kathy Arango 6/24/2016
    Marcos Garcia Avatar

    Very great service ��

    Marcos Garcia 7/20/2017
  • Rob Palguta Avatar

    Excellent quick service! friendly helpful staff, thanks again for getting us taken care of!

    Rob Palguta 5/29/2018
    Brandon Hurst Avatar

    Very personable, I thought I needed a new charger port in my phone, they cleaned it for me for free and pocket lint was the culprit! Saved me from spending a pile of money and a big inconvenience. I definitely recommend stopping in for all your cellphone repair needs! Thanks again!

    Brandon Hurst 5/23/2018
    Vito Bell Avatar

    Great service

    Vito Bell 7/11/2018
  • Darian LiWu Rushton Avatar

    Just went to Broke Ass Phone in Boardman... Ashley hooked me up... She was very knowledgeable got my phone working quickly. Thanks Ashley!!!!!

    Darian LiWu Rushton 6/26/2017
    Mark Sullivan Avatar

    Worked with me to see what the problem with the battery was. Prob is just the apple device in the long run. Will probably move on to a Samsung . Service was good and prompt.

    Mark Sullivan 2/12/2018
    Michelle Marco Malkovits Avatar

    Quick fast friendly service. Highly recommend if you need phone fixed fast.

    Michelle Marco Malkovits 6/24/2017
  • Jeremy Woods Avatar

    I highly recommend BA phones. thought I needed a new charging port, turned out it just needed cleaning and my phone has been good since. I saved a bunch of money by going there.

    Jeremy Woods 11/02/2018
    Alicia Horvath Avatar

    Fixed my screen in under an hour and for the cheapest price!! I would recommend 100% thank you!

    Alicia Horvath 6/28/2018
    Jordan Downie Avatar

    Great customer service! Made fixing the phone fast and easy. Will definitely come here again with any phone troubles.

    Jordan Downie 12/29/2017
  • Jen Heid Avatar

    My daughter forgot her password and disabled her phone...I couldn't fix it, Verizon couldn't fix it, Best buy was going to charge $50.. BAP I walked right in and he was incredibly helpful and fixed the phone in an hour.. great customer service!!

    Jen Heid 11/03/2018
    George Condoleon Avatar

    Erica was outstanding helping us with our issue!!!

    George Condoleon 7/18/2018
    Marie Linda Avatar

    Wonderful service! I thought my iPhone was completely broken and they fixed it. Turned out it was a software glitch and they reformatted it - FOR FREE! I can’t thank them enough for such a great experience! Highly recommend!!

    Marie Linda 12/07/2018
  • Bryan Ladd Avatar

    They made sure my phone was repaired properly. A couple screens, through no fault of theirs were faulty. They took care of everything and made sure it was correct. Isn't that what you would hope for? Great job.

    Bryan Ladd 7/15/2016
    Dee Rankin Avatar

    Couldn’t get my phone to charge very well at all. Went to the Boardman Ohio store. Got

    Waited on as soon as I got there and phone fixed in no time. Great place!!!!

    Dee Rankin 7/16/2018
    Heather DeSarro Pucci Avatar

    Thank you so much for being able to restore all if my photos and help me keep those memories. Awesome job!!!! I would recommend if you are in need of cell phone repair!!!

    Heather DeSarro Pucci 12/07/2017
  • Jessica Swartz Avatar

    Amazing! Loved the service!

    Jessica Swartz 7/13/2018
    Holly Wycoff Drzazynski Avatar

    My son broke off part of the charging cord in the port of his brand new iPad. They fixed in less than five minutes!! So thrilled! Kind and helpful service. Recommend highly!

    Holly Wycoff Drzazynski 12/20/2018
    Diane Matasek Avatar

    Very professional and helpful. My iPhone issue was resolved in minutes. I highly recommend them.

    Diane Matasek 8/17/2018
  • Justin D. Bryant Avatar

    These dudes are dope as shit. Showed me my phone wasn't broken and I thought it had been... could've took my money & shit��

    Justin D. Bryant 11/26/2016
    Stefanie Sobinovsky Avatar

    Fast, efficient, friendly service!

    Being a business person, my phone is so important ... so when it’s broken I’m devastated! Having a place to take my phone and have it fixed instantly and correctly is amazing! I won’t let anyone else touch my phone!

    Stefanie Sobinovsky 3/26/2019
    Erica Kolb Avatar

    Love this place. Everyone is so nice. If u need your phone fixed this is the place to go�

    Erica Kolb 9/15/2017
  • Ted Serjak Avatar

    Fixed my phone in a matter of minutes. Good service and friendly people.

    Ted Serjak 10/09/2017
    Nate Persing Avatar

    Extremely helpful and courteous, took phone in thought charger was bad they were able to clean port and works great again could’ve ripped me off and changed it but was extremely professional recommend to all

    Nate Persing 5/30/2018
    Chuck Cialella Avatar

    Amazing place, great customer service. I recommend them to everyone!!!

    Chuck Cialella 8/18/2017
  • Jake Bullen Avatar

    Great service, helped fix my charger port for free. Phone charges like it brand new now

    Jake Bullen 7/16/2017
    Chelsea Patoray Avatar

    Fast and friendly service I highly recommend them for any of your phone needs!

    Chelsea Patoray 2/03/2018
    Evelyn Breda Avatar

    Employees were quick and knowledgeable and gave good advice!

    Evelyn Breda 10/05/2017
  • Amy Mirkin Avatar

    They are fantastic! Great fast service. Thank you!

    Amy Mirkin 7/09/2018
    Dena Wargo Avatar

    Fixed my phone. Excellent service. Very polite and fast.

    Dena Wargo 6/13/2016
    Nick Russell Avatar

    The reviews on here do not reflect the kind of business Broke Ass Phone is. They really do care about every customer that comes into the store and give the best possible care. I personally can say that I possibly do everything I can to fix a persons phone and... read more

    Nick Russell 5/20/2016
  • Tanya Silich Avatar

    Perfessionals here. I shatterd my screen on my s7 edge. Brought it in and they fixed it in less than two hours. I would recommend over similar stores.

    Tanya Silich 11/28/2016
    Lexie Locketti Avatar

    Everyone is always so friendly and eager to help! They have the best customer service! The lady named Ashley is the best she's always smiling and happy! Love this place!

    Lexie Locketti 6/26/2017
    Jordan Brown Avatar

    A friend and I had one of the best experiences here. Came in with her shattered iPhone 5 and a new screen I tried to replace myself (obviously failed). They handled it very professionally, super friendly, and definitely will be gaining more business from myself and my friends.

    Jordan Brown 9/01/2015
  • Connie Van Scoter Avatar

    Highly recommend this place! Very helpful with the repair of my cracked phone, and also very friendly people working there! Love it here.

    Connie Van Scoter 10/02/2018
    Rachal Bright Avatar

    I've used them twice now and I'll never take my phone issues elsewhere. Reliable, fast, and fair. Excellent service and business. So glad you're near me.

    Rachal Bright 5/20/2017
    Korey Pancake Avatar

    Very friendly and super fast service! Highly recommend them!

    Korey Pancake 11/13/2018

Our Niles Location

Serving customers from all over Trumbull County, Ohio, including the communities of Warren, Howland, Niles, Girard and Cortland, Broke Ass Phone is conveniently located along State Route 46, across from The Eastwood Mall Complex. We provide the fastest, most reliable repair service for smartphones and tablets, including all Apple and Android devices, that makes us a superior choice over the big box retailers and independent repair shops.

We rely on our mobile devices more and more each and every day. So, when an issue arises, figuring out who and where to go to get our phone or tablet fixed can feel like a real hassle. That’s where we come in. At Broke Ass Phone, our certified technicians incorporate proven practices and OEM-quality parts to fix your device.

We fix the most popular smartphone devices, including Apple, Android, Samsung, HTC and LG. And let’s not forget about legacy products, such as Motorola and BlackBerry, which we fix those too. In addition, we repair iPads, Galaxy tablets and Kindles.


At Broke Ass Phone, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our 90 day warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects or malfunctions in any part we replace. Click here to learn more about our warranty.


You don’t want just anyone fixing your phone or tablet. Since 2012, our certified technicians have successfully fixed thousands of devices applying their expertise and knowledge while utilizing the best tools and technology to providing the best fix for your device.


Our motto is quality over quantity. That’s why we use only the most superior parts on smartphones and tablets. Our comprehensive inventory features top of the line OEM-quality components to ensure your phone looks and functions like it had never been damaged.


No appointment necessary. For your convenience, we offer flexible store hours, including evenings and weekends, because we know your phone doesn’t take a holiday.