Upgrade Device or Not…

Although a broken or damaged smartphone may seem like the end of the world right now, you may be surprised to learn just how easy it is to repair in many cases. Instead of whipping out your credit card to buy the latest model phone or clicking the button to sign up for another expensive two-year contract with your cellular provider, read on to find out if you should upgrade your device or if you should opt for a far cheaper repair.

Battery Dead? Dying Fast?

Back in the days of flip phones, replacing your cellphone battery was incredibly easy. All you had to do was slide off the back cover, pop out the old battery and pop in a fresh one. In less than a minute, your phone could be completely refreshed and working like new. Today, however, it is not nearly so simple to change out batteries on smartphones that do not have slide-off battery covers.

Best of Cleveland 2019 Winner

Broke Ass Phone is proud to announce that we have been recognized as Readers’ Choice Winner - Best Phone/Computer Repair Shop in The Best of Cleveland 2019. Conducted by Cleveland Scene, The Best of Cleveland is an annual competition recognizing the absolute best...

Don’t Let a Cracked Phone Screen Ruin Your Day

You’ve heard about it. Heck, you’ve witnessed it firsthand. But you never thought the day would come when you experienced the misfortune that so many others have unfortunately encountered. We’re talking about the cracked screen that now greets you every time you...

Broken Phone? 5 Ways to Find the Best Phone Repair Shop Near You

Quality Over Quantity
Parts matter. You don’t want to have to go back after getting your phone fixed for additional repairs. Check and see if the parts and materials used are the original parts or of OEM-quality. Be confident knowing technicians will supply you with the exact brand and model parts and not replace it with a Chinese substitute.