It’s feels like a bad nightmare you can’t help but replay over and over. The anxiety and stress build with each passing minute. Everything you’ve experienced, documented and shared together are forever gone, or so it can seem (ah, foreshadowing). And now you’re left to pick up the pieces. Sounds like a dramatic breakup, but so true in the event our smartphone breaks.

We’re here to tell you things will be just fine and that you’re not alone. In fact, did you know 45 percent of smartphone users will at some point unintentionally damage their device. Rather than wasting time in line at the Apple store or become enraged speaking to the Verizon customer service representative, your best bet would be to visit a local smartphone repair shop. Chances are, there’s a location nearby, offering walk-in service. However, not all repair shops are created the same. Some may pride themselves on offering the cheapest price on phone repairs, but that could be because they’re using inferior and knockoff parts. Or, claim to have the best service as unexperienced technicians casually look at your phone.

So, when it comes to taking your broken phone to a repair center, here are things you should be mindful to getting the best fix for your device.

Experience Matters
How long has the repair shop been in business? Do their technicians require to have certifications and licenses? Do your homework and review online to find out exactly the years of experience they have in handling repair work related to smartphones, specifically your make and model.

How Long Are the Repairs?
We’re so accustomed to having our device handy, the moment it’s not readily available, it can feel like a lifetime. You want a fix that can be done as fast as humanly possible, but of course, you want the repair done right. Inquire about the time frame within which the phone repair center promises to deliver a fixed device. That means finding out if they have the parts for your repair in-store, or if it will need ordered. Make sure they are convenient with their offer.

Quality Over Quantity
Parts matter. You don’t want to have to go back after getting your phone fixed for additional repairs. Check and see if the parts and materials used are the original parts or of OEM-quality. Be confident knowing technicians will supply you with the exact brand and model parts and not replace it with a Chinese substitute.

What Do You Know About the Team?
A phone repair shop is only as good as its team. Learn more about the technicians who will be working on your device. It’s imperative they employ skilled and certified phone repair specialists who can fulfill your repairing demands by providing quality service.

Ask About the Warranty
When searching for repair centers, it’s highly recommended you choose a service that provides a warranty on the repair. This represents confidence in the quality of the service being offered.