You’ve heard about it. Heck, you’ve witnessed it firsthand. But you never thought the day would come when you experienced the misfortune that so many others have unfortunately encountered. We’re talking about the cracked screen that now greets you every time you look at your smartphone and serves as an ugly reminder that sidewalks can be unforgiving.

The display screen and touchscreen controls appear to be working, but that shattered glass screen is unsightly and could lead to one nasty finger cut. So, what do you do know? Well, you’ve already begun the process by searching online (hence why you’re here right now). However, by not having your mobile device readily available, you could end up making a hastily decision costing you more than you bargained for.

Here’s the 411 of what you need to know after cracking your phone’s screen:

Check the Phone Insurance
Ah, yes, in the case of an emergency, you can always fallback on the phone insurance. Unfortunately, many choose not to go with the protection plan as the thought of dropping an Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy never crosses the mind. If you did get the coverage on your smartphone, then bravo! Now, check and see if cracked screens are covered and under what conditions. If so, getting a fix from the phone maker should be simple. Worst case scenario: you’re without your phone for a few days.

Buy a New Phone
Remember that whole making a premature decision? Yeah, this is one of them. Granted, it is an option you have. We do recommend though having your device looked at prior to purchasing a new smartphone. If your device is shattered beyond repair and deemed unfixable, do not automatically buy a new device from the same carrier. An unlocked version can you save a lot of money and hassle.

Deal with Your Broken Screen
Umm, no. We’re going to pass on this recommendation.

Fit It Yourself
Depending on the scale of the broken display screen, you could find a DIY fix. However, this can be an overwhelming and tedious task, especially if you’ve never repaired a smartphone screen before. You could end up causing more damage to your device.

Go to a Mobile Phone Repair Shop
Sure, you could send your device back to the manufacturer for repairs, but that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg and you’re most likely going to be without your trusty sidekick for several weeks. A local phone repair shop (shameless plug: check out Broke Ass Phone) will be able to fix your phone’s screen accurately and efficiently, using the best OEM quality parts. Certified technicians can replace a screen pretty quickly at a much affordable price rather than waiting in line at the Apple Store.