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Monday 10 am – 8 pm
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Rocky River Broke Ass Phone®

Located in the western metropolitan area surrounding Cleveland, Ohio, our Broke Ass Phone Rocky River location is conveniently situated for customers living in the communities of Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake and Fairview Park. Our central location provides fast and accurate repairs for all types of smartphones, tablets and other digital devices and can help you get back to your life as quickly as possible.

You can find us on U.S. Route 20 on the southwest corner of the intersection of Wagar Road. We are across the street from Firestone and Walgreens Pharmacy and situated between Panda Express and Chipotle Mexican Grill. Because we are situated in a busy part of town, you can easily drop off your device with us while you head out to do some shopping or complete some other errands. With the Westgate Shopping Center less than a block away, you will find plenty to do while you wait under an hour for your repair to be completed.

When it comes to getting your phone repaired, you do not want to live without it for days while you wait for a local shop to get around to looking at it. You also do not want to depend on a mail-in repair service that may not be able to give you a clear indication of when you will get it back. When you choose the Rocky River location of Broke Ass Phone, you can depend on our quick service times, most of which take far less than an hour for such repairs as broken screens, damaged speakers and water damage. Plus, we offer convenient store hours seven days each week with extended hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. With Broke Ass Phone’s help, you can get complete service even on evenings and weekends. You should not have to put your life on hold just because your smartphone is giving you grief.

Our experienced technicians at our Rocky River location can repair all types of smartphones and tablets, including Apple, Android and Kindle devices. We work with the most popular brand names, including LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry. While newer models are our specialities, we can also help you solve problems on a wide array of older device models. We always use OEM-quality parts for non-Apple devices and genuine Apple parts for iPhones, iPads and iPods. If you have questions about what we can help you with, give us a call, or stop into our location at 21065 Center Ridge Road today.

Warranty Protection

At Broke Ass Phone, we want to give you every reason to trust our cutting-edge service. That is why we offer a generous 90-day warranty on every repair to cover manufacturer’s defects as well as malfunctions in any new parts that we place. Although this warranty does not cover cracked screens, water damage and similar problems that occur accidentally, they do cover your device if it stops working unexpectedly due to a damaged part. If you want to learn more about our warranty, call our Rocky River location today.

How can we help you today?

Experienced Professionals

When it comes to smartphones and other mobile devices, technology keeps getting increasingly more difficult to understand. Tiny parts, a myriad of electrical connections and smartphones that no longer easily open mean that DIY fixes are no longer possible even though they were never recommended. When it comes to repairing your broken device, you certainly want to entrust your smartphone to an experienced professional who knows all about the latest technology. When you choose Broke Ass Phone, you are getting the combined knowledge and expertise of a myriad of professionals who are constantly staying up-to-date on the latest devices and repair techniques so that you can get a repair that is optimal rather than merely adequate.

Fast Repair Times

When your smartphone or tablet breaks, you want it repaired as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your normal, everyday life. It can be difficult if not downright impossible to be without a device for making phone calls, texting friends, catching up on the latest news and reading your work emails. With repair times that typically take an hour or less for most issues, you can be in and out of Broke Ass Phone in no time at all. Simply drop off your device with one of our experienced technicians, and we will get your device back to like-new condition that same day. With our services, you do not have to wait for a mail-in repair, nor do you have to wait over a weekend. We offer convenient service times at all of our locations, including evening and weekend hours.

Broken Screens

Why Choose Us

Broken smartphone or tablet screens are not only frustrating but also dangerous over time. Of course, you may struggle to see what is on your screen and may find that it is difficult to read emails or surf the Web with cracks and chips across the screen. In addition, over time, your broken screen may cause eye strain and could even push glass splinters into your fingers. As you know, a touch screen can get downright touchy once cracked or chipped, and it may not respond adequately. At Broke Ass Phone, we use OEM-quality parts or genuine Apple parts to replace glass screens quickly and accurately. Instead of living with your cracked screen, bring it in for a repair that will take less than an hour.

Premium Parts

While our repair professionals are known for providing quick service times, we are even prouder of our reputation for excellence. Rather than focusing on metrics for quantity of devices serviced, we prefer to focus on the quality of the services that we provide. That is why we use only the best and highest-rated OEM-quality parts in all of our repairs.

These parts are designed to work just as the originals did in your device so that you do not have to suffer from slowed performance times or frustrating pop-up warnings on your smartphone or tablet. In fact, we are now also an Apple Independent Repair Provider and can use genuine Apple parts on all iPhones, iPads and iPods that we repair. When you get your device back from us, we guarantee that it will work and look just as it did when it was new.