Broke Ass Phone & COVID-19

At Broke Ass Phone, we understand that during this uncertain time the need to stay connected is of utmost importance; but due to the Coronavirus and it’s impact on our community and the world, we wanted to address the changes we are implementing to keep our team and guests safe. As independent business owners, we are staying up to date with the most current information nationally, but also in our state and community, as well as following recommendations of the CDC for this pandemic. 

Our stores are independently owned and are making decisions based on each individual location and it’s community. Store hours and policies may vary based on federal, state and local guidance as well as what store owners believe is best for their team, guests and community. Any changes are being updated on our individual store Facebook Pages and website as quickly as possible.

With that being said, we are making a few changes to offer a safe environment for our team and our guests. To remain open and ensure we keep you and your family safe, informed and able to continue to educate our next generation, we have implemented the following procedures:

  • Our team will maintain our standard of cleanliness and practice good hygiene by sanitizing surfaces & frequently touched items.
  • To practice safe social distancing, our lobby area will be closed to guests
  • All devices are sanitized prior to repair and before returned to guests
  • To practice safe social distancing, our lobby area will 
  • Devices will be kept in separate containers from other devices
  • All employees are instructed to remain home if they have any symptoms of illness

To remain open, while practicing safe social distancing, we are closing our lobby to guests.

During this time our device repair process is:

  1. Approach the entry door- if a teammate is not in the lobby, please knock
  2. Team member will assess repair and place device in sanitized bin
  3. Team member will give you a specific pick up time to return
  4. Team member will sanitize device and complete repair
  5. Team member will place device back in sanitized bin
  6. Upon guest return, team member will sanitize device & complete checklist
  7. Team member will return device to guest & complete payment transaction

We will continue to monitor this situation and will make decisions based on current information. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this pandemic. 

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The Highest Quality Parts

We are committed to using only the highest quality parts along with the most cutting-edge technologies to make all of our repairs. We always use OEM-quality parts to restore your device to a like-new condition. Additionally, we are now an Apple Independent Repair Provider, which allows us to use genuine Apple parts when repairing your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Fast Service Times

We know that living without your smartphone is difficult if not impossible. That is why we offer fast service times and convenient hours at each of our locations so that you can get in and out quickly. With plenty of evening and weekend hours along with typical service times of less than an hour, you can get your device back in like-new condition the same day. Plus, walk-in customers are welcome at each of our locations.