Broke Ass Phone® is an Apple® Independent Repair Provider

Broke Ass Phone® is excited to announce that we are now an Apple Independent Repair Provider. This program is only a few months old, and we are proud to be on the cutting edge. With this program, we can now continue to offer our customers the very best in repair services and replacement parts provided by the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. This news is particularly useful for those who are having issues with out-of-warranty iPhones of all types.

Becoming part of this unique program launched by Apple lets us further cement our long-standing company mission, which is complete commitment to our customers. We have made no secret of our dedication to providing our customers with quick service times, superior parts and trustworthy repairs from experienced technicians. Rather than having to wait a day or two for a smartphone to be repaired, individuals around the area have turned to Broke Ass Phone® for great expertise, the highest-quality parts and like-new repairs. With the Apple Independent Repair Provider designation, we can improve on what was already great about Broke Ass Phone®.

For years, customers and technicians alike have lobbied for the ability to repair smartphones and similar devices with genuine parts rather than with aftermarket parts, and several Right to Repair bills have floated across the nation. Repair technicians and iPhone users have complained about the inability to repair high-priced devices themselves without facing a myriad of technical issues, such as unverified battery warnings, poor True Tone capabilities and much more.

The dearth of genuine parts for needed repairs has been further increased by the lack of Apple Stores throughout many parts of the nation. While Apple Stores can often be found in major metropolitan areas, those living in the suburbs or in rural areas felt that they were left out. Customers and technicians had to turn to aftermarket parts for years simply to repair devices that were no longer under warranty. While these aftermarket parts did not necessarily work less effectively than genuine replacement parts did, they were often difficult to find, and quality levels in the parts themselves changed frequently whenever a manufacturer changed.

Unlike the Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) program, which only allowed a limited number of shops to provide genuine Apple parts and which was typically quite costly to join, the Independent Repair Provider Program is a better solution to a growing need in the United States. Announced by Apple in August 2019, the Independent Repair Program is in many ways similar to the original AASP, but it makes the process of joining far easier for small to mid-sized repair shops. The program was originally trialed in 20 locations around the world before launching in the United States. Apple hopes to take the program worldwide in the next several years.

Before joining the Independent Repair Provider program, a repair shop must have at least one Apple-certified technician. Certification is completed through two separate and detailed tests, which ensure that the technician has the knowledge and skills it takes to repair intricate and fragile iPhones. Thanks to this new program, independent repair shops can finally receive genuine Apple parts along with Apple diagnostics, repair manuals and further technician training. All of this yields a great number of benefits both for Broke Ass Phone® and for our customers.

Now we can provide our customers with genuine Apple parts in the same short repair timeframe for which we are well-known. In addition, this program allows us to run diagnostics on iPhones that are not working well or that are performing slowly. This take the guesswork out of some of our repairs, letting us repair iPhones even faster than ever before. Now, individuals do not have to drive miles away to get to the nearest Apple store, nor do they have to mail their devices in to Apple for repairs. With each of our four shops just around the corner from a myriad of popular and busy Northeast Ohio neighborhoods, we are the logical choice for quick, local repairs.

This program clearly benefits our many customers at all of our Northeast Ohio locations. If you choose Broke Ass Phone® for your next iPhone repair, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

-Repairs and replacements made with genuine Apple parts
-Safest possible repairs from Apple-certified technicians
-Apple diagnostics for determining a myriad of problems on your device
-Most repairs completed in less than an hour
-Repairs completed in your neighborhood rather than at a distant Apple store or via mail

Broke Ass Phone® is an independent repair company that specializes in working with all of the most popular brands of smartphones, tablets and more. Since 2012, we have focused on quality and speed when it comes to making intricate repairs. We know that our customers depend on their smartphones for everyday tasks. Living for one or two days without a smartphone is nearly impossible, and we believe that it is also not necessary. Our team of dedicated technicians can repair even the most fragile components and get devices back in our clients’ hands in almost no time at all.

We offer many repair options for numerous brands, including Apple. Some of the most popular repairs we provide for iPhones include the following:

-Battery replacement
-Button repair
-Screen repair
-Charge port repair
-Microphone repair
-Camera repair

Of course, if you are experiencing issues with a part of your iPhone that is not listed here, we encourage you to call us to find out if we can help you with your concern. We also provide a 90-day warranty on all of our repairs to protect against manufacturer defects or malfunctions in replacement parts.

Thanks to the new Apple Independent Repair Provider program, we can now provide our customers with genuine Apple replacement parts, which are known for working well and lasting a long time. While we have always worked hard to find the best OEM and aftermarket parts for our customers, we can now provide tested and proven Apple parts that are designed specifically for iPhones. Although this program does not yet extend to iPads and other Apple devices, we are confident that it will result in far more satisfied customers, higher quality repairs with genuine Apple parts and fewer irritating display warnings on iPhones following repairs. This is clearly a great option for those concerned about iPhone performance or for those with a dying battery or broken screen on an out-of-warranty iPhone.

If you are interested in learning more about Broke Ass Phone® or about the Apple Independent Repair Program that we are a part of, we encourage you to call one of our locations today. You can also chat with us online or stop into one of our four convenient locations in Boardman, Strongsville, Niles and Rocky River, Ohio. Whether you live in the Cleveland or Youngstown areas, you can always depend on Broke Ass Phone® to be your local Apple repair company.