Back in the days of flip phones, replacing your cellphone battery was incredibly easy. All you had to do was slide off the back cover, pop out the old battery and pop in a fresh one. In less than a minute, your phone could be completely refreshed and working like new. Today, however, it is not nearly so simple to change out batteries on smartphones that do not have slide-off battery covers. If your iPhone is no longer running as quickly as it once did or if it powers off after only a couple hours of solid use, you may be wondering if it is worth it to spend the time and effort on getting a new battery installed or if you should just make it easier on yourself by spending the money to get the latest iPhone model.

How Long Can an iPhone Last?

If you have ever owned an Apple-branded device, you know just how long they have been made to last. According to research statistics, the average Apple device manufactured since 2013 lasts an average of four years and three months. However, the length of time it continues working well for you will depend on many variables, such as how often you use it, what you use it for and how quickly you need it to work. For many who use their iPhones infrequently or who use them only for calling and texting rather than playing games and using data, the device could last far longer.

How Long Does an iPhone Battery Last?

Although an obsolete or old operating system that cannot support the newest updates and apps may provide one of the most compelling reasons to buy a new iPhone, the main reason that many people consider upgrading is because of an old iPhone battery. Besides the recent kerfuffle regarding old batteries that Apple had purposely chosen to slow down iPhones over time, there is still plenty of debate over how long an iPhone battery should last.

One way to find out how well your iPhone battery is functioning is by checking Battery Health in your settings. Not only will you be able to see how much battery capacity certain apps are using, but also this will show you how well your battery is functioning now versus when it was new. According to Apple, your iPhone should be able to function well for 500 complete battery charging cycles. For most people, this means that the phone should be working at peak performance for nearly two years with moderate usage.

Is iPhone Battery Replacement Worth It?

If your phone can barely it make it to the end of the day without being charged and if it is at least two years old, it may be time for an iPhone battery replacement. Once it starts bothering you, a simple fix from a trained professional can revive your iPhone to like-new conditions. Replacing an old iPhone battery can limit your daily frustration, extend the lifespan of your phone by another year or two and raise the phone’s resale value if you are planning on trading it in or selling it. Because there are no screws or slide-off battery covers on an iPhone, you will need to take your phone to a repair technician who is experienced in working with Apple products.

When Should You Consider Purchasing a New iPhone?

Although battery replacement is ideal in most scenarios, sometimes replacement may be best. Your decision will mainly be based on how old your smartphone is and on how well the phone is meeting your needs. Perhaps your old iPhone does not have enough storage space for music or does not have the newest features that you need. In these cases, it may be best to bite the bullet and spend more money on what will make you happy.

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