Our telephones used to be plastic and metal devices that were attached to our walls or that sat on our desks. The worst that seemed to happen to them was that their cords became tangled or the numbers wore off the buttons. Today, we carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go. Whether you stow yours on your belt, in your back pocket or in a slot inside your purse, your smartphone is in far greater danger of becoming damaged now than it ever would have been just sitting on a counter at home. Some of the most common dangers for smartphones are falling and breaking, becoming water-logged or simply not turning on for no apparent reason. Plus, because smartphones obviously do so much more than rotary or corded telephones ever could, there is a far higher likelihood that something will unexpectedly go wrong with your lifeline to the outside world.

Although a broken or damaged smartphone may seem like the end of the world right now, you may be surprised to learn just how easy it is to repair in many cases. Instead of whipping out your credit card to buy the latest model phone or clicking the button to sign up for another expensive two-year lease with your cellular provider, read on to find out if you should upgrade your device or if you should opt for a far cheaper repair.

Time for an Upgrade

Tech companies are constantly coming out with new devices these days. In an effort to keep up with their competitors, make their customers happy and sell more devices, nearly every brand comes out with a new smartphone option every year or two. These smartphones seem to get increasingly more expensive each year as well. New technology, fancy new designs and even the coveted logo make these tiny pieces of metal, plastic and glass incredibly expensive and nearly unaffordable for many unless they opt for a lengthy payment plan.

These companies want consumers to opt for the latest smartphone rather than search for a smart way to repair or restore their old devices. Besides creating flashy new devices, these companies also make it difficult for consumers to repair their own smartphones with impossible-to-access batteries, glass touch displays that are incredibly difficult to remove and a lack of repair manuals and accessible replacement parts. Instead of the old idea of repairing items that are no longer working properly, today’s consumers are increasingly being taught to ask for the newest model.

The question you should be asking yourself whether your smartphone screen is broken or your battery is on its last legs is whether an upgrade is really the right choice for you.

The Real Costs of Replacing Your Smartphone

A quick online search or a stop at your local cellular provider’s store will show you just how expensive smartphones are these days. The average price for a smartphone if you want to pay up front is over $750 with many paying up to $1400 or more for the biggest and best models. Of course, it is easier to forget about these high charges if you choose to spread out that cost over 24 to 30 monthly payments. However, the price remains the same or may be even higher if you are paying interest with these monthly payments.

Plus, you may be locked into a new contract with your cellular provider when you upgrade your smartphone. This can cost you hundreds of dollars because you will be unable to choose a cheaper or better service provider during this time. You may also find yourself locked into monthly insurance charges for protecting your new phone or a hefty upgrade charge on your cellular line. Of course, you cannot forget about taxes or the cost in time that it will take for you to pick out your new smartphone and get it ready to use. Clearly, the real cost of replacing your smartphone is not as simple as it may seem.

Is New Really Better?

Therefore, you need to consider seriously whether a new smartphone is really better than a restored one. Although purchasing a new phone may seem like the easier option initially, it may not truly be easier once you consider how much time you will need to take to set up your new phone and transfer all of your data from your old to your new device. Plus, think of all the hours you will have to work just to make up the cost of your new smartphone.

Although it may come as a surprise to you, a restored or repaired smartphone may be a far better solution. Not only will you be able to save hundreds of dollars in many scenarios, but also you may be surprised to discover that numerous smartphone repairs take only 30 to 60 minutes.

Keep in mind that upgrading to the newest device may not even provide a noticeably better smartphone experience for you. Many of the newest devices are quite similar to their older counterparts. Unless you do in-depth work on your smartphone, a device that is one or two generations older than the newest model will most likely provide a similar experience once it is repaired.

How to Restore Your Device Like New

Many times, simple fixes are all you need to restore your device to a like-new condition. If you dropped your smartphone and the screen is shattered, screen repair is a simple fix that generally takes very little time. Another easy repair that may be able to help your smartphone function almost like it did when it was new is battery replacement. Other simple repairs that can breathe new life into your smartphone include the following:

-Button repair
-Microphone repair
-Camera repair
-Charging port repair

When Might It Be Time to Replace Your Smartphone?

In some rare circumstances, it may be best to upgrade your smartphone to the latest model rather than repairing it. Here are some times when you might want to spend the extra money.

-Your smartphone is so old that the operating system is obsolete.
-Your smartphone is too badly damaged to repair.
-Your smartphone continues to run slowly even after repairs and with a new battery.
-Your smartphone has major hardware damage.
-You have the money to treat yourself to a new smartphone and want the latest features.

However, for the vast majority of consumers, a simple repair or battery replacement will be enough to keep them happy with their smartphones for another year or two. Be sure that you know the cost for each option before you make your decision, and consider any time constraints you may have. Also, keep in mind that you may not be able to sell or trade in your used device if the screen is cracked or if the smartphone can no longer power on.

Choosing to restore your device like new is a wise decision that is easy on your bank account and that can give you great peace of mind. Of course, for the intricate smartphones available today, it is not something that you can do yourself. Therefore, contact the experts at Broke Ass Phone in Northeast Ohio to learn more about the many repair services we offer for numerous brands of smartphones. Whether you need battery replacement, screen repair, camera repair or some other more in-depth service, we would love to help you at one of our convenient neighborhood locations.